Dear colleagues and friends!

The V-th Historical and Cultural Festival «Smolyanoy Put»(Resin/Pitch Way) invites You to take part in its events of 2018!

The V-th historical and cultural festival “Smolianoy Put” («The Resin/Pitch Way») will take place in the Resort district of St. Petersburg from 12 to 13 October, 2018.

«Smolyanoy Put» is, first and foremost, a scientific and practical conference of historians, local historians, museum experts, archivists and tourism arrangement specialists. The topics of reports are places, events, the Karelian Isthmus aboriginals and the cultural exchange of the Scandinavian, Baltic countries and Russia.

Traditionally, the festival also includes watching and discussing the documentary films and theatrical productions, whose themes or the history of creation is connected with the history of towns and villages on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and on the Karelian Isthmus.

Events of the historical and cultural festival «Smolyanoy Put» also include a plain air and an exhibition of artists, as well as the masterclasses and presentations of objects of arts and crafts. As in past years, the festival will host a presentation of new authors’ tourist routes along the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

The historical and cultural mission of the » Smolyanoy Put » festival is as follows:

— scientific and information support of the tourism;

— the assistance in the identification, study and preservation of historical and cultural dominants of all-Russian and international importance in the Resort district of ??St. Petersburg: Sestroretsk, Zelenogorsk (Terijoki), Pesochniy (Grafskaya) settlement, Beloostrov settlement, Solnechniy (Ollila) settlement, Repino (Kuokkala) settlement, Komarovo (Kellom?ki) settlement, Ushkovo (Tyuriseva) settlement, Serovo (Wamelsuu) settlement, Molodezhniy (Metschkyl?) settlement, Smolyachkovo (Lautaranta) settlement;

— assistance in the formation of historical and local lore routes for the guests of the Northern capital of Russia;

— assistance in the development of event-related, historical-cognitive, pilgrimage and ecological tourism;

— maintaining a good-neighbourly, seminal scientific and creative interchange with the countries of Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

During the preparation and holding of the festival, the 4th edition of the historical and cultural miscellanea “Smolyanoy Put” will be published, where a full list of all participants will be published for the first time.

We invite all the interested colleagues to participate in the Vth History and Culture «Smolyanoy Put» Festival to be held in the Resort district of ??St. Petersburg.

Еру forms of participation in the scientific-practical conference can be different. A participant can be just a listener. Or deliver a report at the conference and publish it in the almanac. The report can remain not published. The publication of articles in the almanac is possible without delivering them as reports. The presentations of the projects of mutually-cognitive tourism development and preservation of the historical and cultural heritage on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and on the Karelian Isthmus are welcome.



Surname, name, patronymic



Academic degree and title



Place of work



Position, office









Participation kinds



— report to be delivered and published in the miscellanea;

— an article publication without its report,

— a project presentation,

— a creative participation



The titles of report / article / project



Technical means necessary for the report



Application submission date


Applications for the participation in the scientific-practical conference are to be sent by e-mail prior to July 15, 2018.

The conference language is Russian. If necessary, the publication of the translation into Russian is carried out at the expense of the author. The text of the article in the original language and in Russian should be sent before July, 15, 2018.

Requirements for the preparation of articles:

1) Microsoft Word text editor;

2) Margins: left and right — 30 mm; Upper and lower — 20 mm each;

3) Font — Times New Roman, size — 14;

4) Line spacing — one and a half;

5) Text alignment — by width;

6) In the upper right corner of the article it is necessary to indicate the author’s initials and surname, academic degree and academic title (if any), university (organization), city, country;

7) The title of the article to be printed in capital letters, without the quotes, underscores, hyphens/syllabifications and points (alignment in the center);

8) The drawings and photos in the text should be black and white and duplicated in the form of separate files (in JPEG format, at least 3 MB each);

9) The volume of material — from 4 to 10 pages;

10) The name of the file to be sent should include the author’s name and the title of the article.

The E-mail for questions, applications for all forms of participation and sending articles for publication in the almanac: [email protected]

The site of the festival:

The travel to the venue of the festival and accommodation — at the expense of the sending party.


Steering Committee of the Festival.